Over the years, people have advocated the principle of harmless prevention and control of plant diseases and insect pests with "mainly agricultural prevention, physical control, and biological control, and supplemented by chemical control." However, in order to stabilize the high yield o
Vitamin B11, also known as folic acid, leaf essence, its role is to promote the formation of new cells and red blood cell, white blood cell maturation. Folic acid is very rich in yeast powder and liver powder, and it is abundant in the feed of Cistanche, cottonseed meal, wheat bran and green, and
1. Visual inspection. Look at its shape and movement, if the shape is complete, no injuries, disease-free, muscle hypertrophy, fuzzy back ribs, skirts thick and upturned, plastron lustrous, and agile, that is, excellent soft-shelled turtle. 2. Grab your hands. Hands hold the soft-shelled turtle&#
Azolla grass is warm and chilly and likes to grow in a semi-negative, humid and ventilated environment. It is not only suitable for potting, but also suitable for water culture. However, when the potted plants are often planted, the leaves and stems are often soft and lodging or dead. Therefore, i
Lamb fattening is the use of the lamb's early growth characteristics, in the shortest possible time, with as little feed as possible to obtain the highest daily weight gain, and to produce high-quality lamb, shorten the slaughter time, increase economic efficiency. The key technologies for fat
Environment, temperature and light time are important environmental factors that affect rabbit reproduction. According to authoritative data, in March, male rabbits have the highest amount of ejaculation, the highest sperm density, and the highest sperm motility. In summer (especially in July), t
In recent years, with the continuous expansion of the area of a€?a€?Ginger and the extensive management of the fields, the diseases of ginger have also been increasing. Especially since June, due to the high temperature and rain, ginger root rot is most likely to occur. Recently, Li Hual
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