Restraint against eggplant blight during the rainy season

After the rainfall, the eggplant near ground surface has watery, round spots, and it is slightly sunken. It expands into yellow-brown to dark-brown pitted spots in 2-3 days. When the humidity is high, the surface of the diseased part grows white mold, and the fruit easily falls off. This is commonly known as falling eggs. Or water rot, this disease is eggplant ooze disease. The pathogen is suitable for disease incidence at 28?°C to 30?°C and relative humidity above 85%, especially when it is used in continuous cropping and raining on eggplant. Therefore, after the rainfall, field management must be strengthened and timely medication should be used to control the occurrence and spread of the disease.

1. Grasp the elimination of stagnant water in the field, and immediately pour a well water once to reduce the soil temperature; pay close attention to cultivating loose soil, reduce the humidity in the field, improve the field microclimate, and reduce the chance of pathogen infection.

2. Timely harvest mature and nearly mature eggplant so as to avoid infestation of bacteria after rain and reduce losses caused by diseases.

3. Remove the diseased fruit and diseased leaves in time, remove the leaves from the field, and bring them out of the field for deep-buried treatment to prevent the bacteria from re-infection.

4. Increase the application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizers, control the amount of nitrogen fertilizer, and improve the disease resistance of eggplant.

5. Chemical control. At the beginning of the disease, 58% metalaxyl MnZn 400x, 72.2% Prokary Water 700x, 72% DuPont Kelu 800x and other whole plants were sprayed, and the fruit was sprayed with focus, once every 7-10 days. Continuous prevention and treatment 2-3 times. Immediately after the rainfall, spray the above-mentioned medicament.

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