Problems to be noticed when using vegetables

Over the years, people have advocated the principle of harmless prevention and control of plant diseases and insect pests with "mainly agricultural prevention, physical control, and biological control, and supplemented by chemical control." However, in order to stabilize the high yield of vegetables, it is inevitable to use a variety of pesticides. Then, what problems should be paid attention to when spraying pesticides?

First, pay attention to rational drug use, delay drug resistance

1, to avoid long-term single drug use, the choice of a new variety of pesticides a single drug is easy to make pest resistance drug resistance, reduce control effectiveness. New varieties (not frequently used locally) can reduce the number of medications used, reduce production costs, increase control effectiveness, and slow the development of drug resistance.

2. Grasp the appropriate drug dosage and concentration of the drug solution. The application concentration is too high to cause drug residues to easily produce phytotoxicity, and it will also increase the resistance of the bacteria. To strictly follow the instructions for the preparation of liquid multiples.

3, control the frequency of application, master the reasonable interval of the number of applications too much, the interval is too short, prone to phytotoxicity.

Second, pay attention to the critical period of disease prevention and early prevention

1. Seedlings during seedling stage are small and disease resistance is weak and susceptible to infection by bacteria. A protective fungicide should be sprayed to ensure that the seedlings are not infected by bacteria.

2. After planting the seedlings, the growth speed of the seedlings is quickened after the seedlings are slowly growing, and a protective spraying is performed once the diseases are easy to occur, so that a protective film is formed around the plants to prevent germs from being infected.

3. After flowering in the young fruit period, the transition from vegetative growth to reproductive growth and vegetative growth progressed. The nutrition of the leaves was poor and susceptible to disease.

Third, pay attention to improve the spraying technology to ensure the quality of medication

1, spraying should be fully sprayed should be done without leakage spray, no heavy spray, no leakage, no leaking trees. Spray from the bottom of the plant to the top and spray it evenly.

2. When spraying, we must focus on the susceptibility of disease around the central diseased plants. The upper leaves of the plants must focus on spraying.

3, determine a good spray time under normal circumstances, strong light, high temperature, high humidity, crop transpiration, respiration, photosynthesis strong, stoma surface stomata opening, is conducive to the entry of agents, another large leaf surface moisture The liquid drying speed is slow, the medicament is easy to absorb and enhances the efficacy. However, when the light is too strong and the temperature is too high, it may cause photolysis or phytotoxicity of the drug. Therefore, it should not be sprayed before and after noon.

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