Prevention of vitamin B11 deficiency in poultry

Vitamin B11, also known as folic acid, leaf essence, its role is to promote the formation of new cells and red blood cell, white blood cell maturation. Folic acid is very rich in yeast powder and liver powder, and it is abundant in the feed of Cistanche, cottonseed meal, wheat bran and green, and it is also contained in other feeds, but it is lacking in corn. The content of folic acid in the compound feed can basically meet the needs of the chicken, generally it is not lacking, nor is it plentiful, and it is more reliable to add some more multivitamins. Only high-quality multivitamins contain folic acid.

Symptoms The lack of folic acid in young birds and young birds hinders growth, resulting in anemia, paralysis of the head and neck (stretching head and neck straight forward), scratching of the ground, insufficient feathering of colored feathers, and the appearance of white feathers. Lack of folic acid will also increase the need for choline in chicks. When the amount of choline 2 g per kilogram of feed is still insufficient, it will cause osteodystrophy. When adult birds lack folic acid, both the egg production rate and the hatchability of the eggs are affected.

In the absence of folic acid, more green feed can be fed. The use of folic acid multidimensional factors, conditional feeding of yeast powder, liver powder, fresh liver, etc. to supplement, the effect is good. If necessary, use folic acid treatment. Add 50 mg per kilogram of feed.

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