Turtle Identification

1. Visual inspection. Look at its shape and movement, if the shape is complete, no injuries, disease-free, muscle hypertrophy, fuzzy back ribs, skirts thick and upturned, plastron lustrous, and agile, that is, excellent soft-shelled turtle.

2. Grab your hands. Hands hold the soft-shelled turtle's hind legs in the armpits, such as the turtle's four-foot squatting, rapid ferocious activity, that is, excellent soft-shelled turtle; such as four legs, micro-motion, activity is not flexible, it is inferior turtle.

3. Yang flip. Turn the soft-shelled turtle upside down and put it on dry ground. If the soft-shelled turtle can fit its head and legs, it can quickly turn over, and can quickly escape. The action is flexible, that is, excellent soft-shelled turtle; if the soft-shelled turtle head and legs are not well matched, turn over. Slow or very strenuous, slow-moving at the time of flight, it is inferior turtle.

4. Check the neck. Use a hard bamboo chopstick to stimulate the soft-shelled turtle and let it bite the bamboo chopsticks. Then stretch the soft-shelled turtle neck and touch the neck with the other hand. If there is a needle-like hard object, it is a hook-fishing turtle. This kind of soft-shelled turtle should not be stored and transported for a long time, and it is even less suitable for breeding.

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