How to aquire the grass

Azolla grass is warm and chilly and likes to grow in a semi-negative, humid and ventilated environment. It is not only suitable for potting, but also suitable for water culture. However, when the potted plants are often planted, the leaves and stems are often soft and lodging or dead. Therefore, it is better to raise with water. Methods as below:

1. Select a muddy seedling with low plants (about 15-20 cm in height) and 5-7 shoots as a bundle. Wash the roots of A. alterniflora with clean water and put it into a water basin.

2. Use sand or stone eggs to press the roots of A. trifoliata so that it can be fixed and vice versa. Add fresh water to submerge the roots of the plants.

3. Do not move outside in winter to prevent freezing. Change the warm water every half month, or see less water in the basin and add a little water.

4. The fall is the growth period of Aquilaria, while in the new branches and leaves, the old branches are yellow and can be cut off. Change the water in 3-5 days, or add less water in the basin.

5. It is better to add inorganic fertilizer once or twice a month in the pot, and it can be dwarfed and green and gratifying.

Polymer material is a multi-phase composite system with polymer as the main body, that is, few products are made of pure polymer, and most of them are used together with Polymer Additives. The purpose of adding polymer Additives is: 1. to meet the performance requirements; 2. to meet the molding requirements; 3. to meet the economic requirements. Polymer additives include plasticizers (DBP, DOP), phosphate esters (TCP trimethylphenyl phosphate), aliphatic dicarboxylic acids, lubricants, heat stabilizers, processing aids, reinforcing agents, toughening agents, curing agents, antioxidants, light stabilizers, fillers, solvents, foaming agents, and resistances. Propellant, coupling agent and antistatic agent.

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