Why male rabbits are difficult to breed in summer

Environment, temperature and light time are important environmental factors that affect rabbit reproduction.

According to authoritative data, in March, male rabbits have the highest amount of ejaculation, the highest sperm density, and the highest sperm motility. In summer (especially in July), the testes of male rabbits were reduced by 1/3, their libido decreased, semen concentration decreased, sperm motility decreased, and the proportion of dead and abnormal spermatozoa increased. During this period, rabbits did not reproduce well and even breeding stopped. We call this phenomenon the male rabbit's summer dyspnea. Sustained high temperature and long illumination time will lead to deterioration of semen quality in male rabbits, which is the root cause of male rabbits' summer dystocia. Therefore, the summer male rabbit's daily illumination time should not exceed 12 hours, and the ambient temperature should not exceed 30?°C.

In August, with the fall of temperature and the shortening of sunshine hours, the male rabbit's testicles began to increase again, and the reproductive function gradually returned to normal. It can thus be seen that in the production practice, creating suitable ambient temperature and lighting conditions for rabbits is an important measure to ensure their health and increase their fertility.

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